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About us | About eco-farm “Pripyatckiy plyos (Pripyat riverbed/bottom)"

About eco-farm “Pripyatckiy plyos (Pripyat riverbed/bottom)"

Eco-farm the "Pripyatcky plyos" is situated in the heart of Polesye. We are focused on eco-tourism – exploring the unique locations with virgin environment. Our main activities are canoe raftings, hiking, excursions, river tours. We can offer double and triple canoe "Taimen" and "Vista", life jackets and other necessary equipment. All tours are held under the guidance of experienced instructor.

People of any age and without any special training can take part in such tours. Water tours will be suitable both for families and corporate parties.


 Besides river tours we can offer biking, trekking and hiking tours.

A unique tour aimed at watching herons and cormorants is a good chance to see the largest in Europe colony of these birds.

Fishermen can have their rest on the Pripyat river. We can offer the transfer and a wooden boat.

We can also offer horse riding.

 We welcome those who want to relax on a country side. There are separate rooms with fireplace and a WC. We can offer Russian bath.


We offer high quality local homemade meals in. All meals are cooked with organic products from our eco-farm.  We are also developing a new trend of eco-tourism – sleeping on the bee hives.


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