Day’s Offer

Day’s Offer

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About us | Accommodation and service prices

Accommodation and service prices

Accommodation: We can offer three double rooms and one four-room.

For a group of more than ten people we can offer bungalow with limited facilities.




Price, $.
The one-day rafting tour on canoe (rent of canoes and life jackets, instructor service) 15 (for one person)
Multi-day rafting tour on canoe – 2 days and more (rent of canoes and life jackets, instructor service)  12  per day (for one person)

10  (for one person in summer time)

12  (for one person in winter time)

Board in eco-farm  per meal (for one person)
Meals during tours 3  per meal  (for one person)
Horse riding (1 hour) 10
Guide service through the marsh, for bird watching, etc. (per day)  30  (for a group)
Russian bath 20  (for a group)
Sleeping on the bee hives (1 session) 5  (for one person)
Canoe rent (per day) 20 
Safe jacet 2 (for one day)
Bike for children 3 (for one day); 1 (for one our)
Bike 7  (for one day); 2 (for one our)
Backpack rent (per day) 2
Sleeping bag rent (per day) 1
Tourist rug rent (per day) 1
Tent rental (per day) 4
Binikle 7  (for one day); 1 (for one our)
Transportation (transfer to the place of the tour start and transfer from place of the end of the tour) By agreement, depending on the distance