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Day’s Offer

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One-day bicycle tours

Through the historical places of the country (Sitnitskyi Yard, Lakhva)
To the village Kozshan-Gorodok
To the subterranean spring
To the place of Krup
On the place of Perevoz
To the Smerd’ River
To the Tsna River
To the Lan’ River
To the Slutch River
Sihgt-seeing of the Luninets District



Car tours

If you decide to travel by car, the experienced guide will be a great worth. We are eager to help you to investigate Polessye routes.


For bird watchers

Tours for bird watchers.

We can offer tours to the areas of the following birds: blackcock, azure tit, Aquatic Warbler, eagle-owl, greater spotted eagle, black kite, roller, halcyon, bittern, smew, a colony of herons and cormorants.



One-day hiking tours

To the places of herons and cormorants colonies
To the Pripyat River
To the widlife santuary/forest "The Middle of Pripyat river"
To the hills “Mayakovye gory”
To the Slutch River
To the Tsna River
Along the Smerd’ River
Along the Tsna River
Along the Smerd’ River
Along the Slutch River
Along the Mikashevichy water channel
Tours through the swamps
Tours for cranberries


Water tours (canoe)

Yaselda - Pripyat  river (Districts of Pinsk and Luninets)

The trip starts from the railway station Yaselda and reaches the railway bridge of Luninets.

Total duration: 4 days, about 160 km.