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Day’s Offer

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Weather in Lahovka

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Event calendar | October


Autumn is one of the most wonderful time during the year. We will try to make you feel it.

Fishing on the Pripyat River
One-day and multi-day canoe tours
One-day and multi-day biking tours
One-day and multi-day hiking tours
Eco tours
Excursion to the fish-farm "White"
Car tour to the villages Kudrichy and Kuradovo
Excursion to the museum of Polessye (Pinsk town)
Tour to Turov town (visit to the bird banding station)
Tours through the swamps of Polessye (also Olmanskie )
Car tour through for sight-seeing of  Luninets District
Survival trip
Horse-riding at the eco-farm
Countryside labor calendar
Sleeping on the honey bee hives

We invite you cranberries